Terms of Service Agreement

All visitors to "Web Directory" agree that:
  1. "Web Directory" provides this service to visitors for free, and as such all visitors are volunteers.
  2. "Web Directory" has no control over any content that is served from an external website.
  3. The text entries, and URLs, in the directory database have been written by third parties. "Web Directory" makes no warranty, guarantee or promise as to their accuracy or reliability.
  4. "Web Directory" makes no warranty, guarantee, endorsement or promise in relation to any aspect of a third party service, product, company, other entity or other matter.
  5. "Web Directory" Privacy Policy applies to all personal information that is collected off the "Web Directory" website.

Linking Policy

"Web Directory" will NOT link to any website that contains:
  1. Political propaganda,
  2. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory content,
  3. Illegal material (including, but not limited to, material that contravenes copyright law - e.g. illegal Mp3s, Warez, Serials etc),
  4. Spyware or adware, or
  5. Slanderous/defamatory content.
  6. Sites that are not in english should be submitted to a World directory!!.
  7. Do not submit under construction sites, porn, warez, fraud, duplicateor mirror sites.
  8. Do not submit affiliate or MLM sites.
  9. Do not submit sites that do not offer original content.
  10. Do not submit sites that that offer only one page or sell only oneproduct.
  11. Do not submit a URL that redirects to another site.
  12. Do not submit sites made for adsence or other ad services.
  13. No hate sites. No gambling sites. No pharmacy sites. No alias
  14. Submit top level www.domain.com only!
  15. Submission will be declined if you submit you inner pages likewww.domain.com/page.html
  16. Don''t repeat the title of your site in the description.
  17. Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters in your title or description [HTMLtags are Not! allowed.]
  18. Featured links or Regular links Accepted in 24 hour
  19. Your reciprocal page (link)! : must be recognisedby the main search engines.
  20. The website must be written in the English language.- It does not concern category "World directory"
This is not an exhaustive list. "Web Directory" reserves the exclusive right to determine which websites it will link to. However, "Web Directory" will only reject or delete a listing where the content of the subject website is deemed, in the opinion of a "Web Directory" editor, to be offensive, not in the global public interest, or generally in bad taste.

"Web Directory" will also not link to sites that:
  1. Are under construction,
  2. Do not serve the interests of a significant group of people,
  3. Have poor/amateur layout or design,
  4. Have broken links,
  5. Contain a large number of advertisements, and
  6. Use pop-ups, pop-unders or any other obtrusive advertising.
Personal homepages or blogs will only be accepted in rare cases.
If you notice a website is included in this directory but contravenes our linking policy, please inform us via our Contact form.

Listing Agreement

  1. All websites submitted for consideration are not guaranteed a listing. If a submission for a Features or Express listing is not accepted, a full refund will be provided.
  2. The time periods quoted for listing approval are estimates only.
  3. Features listings are given first priority, followed by Express listings and Regular listings.
  4. All submissions may be edited by "Web Directory" editor before they are placed in the directory. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to a listing''s category, title, description and link URL.
  5. "Web Directory" makes no guarantee, promise or warranty as to the exact location of a listing once it is published - and a listing''s position is subject to change.
  6. All listings are subject to being deleted at any time if they fail to comply with "Web Directory" Linking Policy (above). No refunds will be issued in this event.
  7. "Web Directory" linking policy, and this agreement, may change at any time and without notice. Changes to the linking policy will be published on this web page.
  8. Our Privacy Policy applies to all personal information submitted in conjunction with a listing. But submitting your website to the "Web Directory" directory, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. All personal information collected on the "Web Directory" website is protected by this Privacy Policy.
  2. "Web Directory" will not sell, rent or otherwise distribute your personal information without your consent.
  3. If you submit a listing to our directory, we may send you email in relation to the status of that listing (Status Emails). You agree to receive Status Emails as a condition of submitting your website. An example of a Status Email would be to tell you that your site had been accepted into the "Web Directory" directory.
  4. Any questions relating to our Privacy Policy should be directed to our Privacy section using our Contact form.
A web directory is a structured set of links to pages with their short description. Sites in the catalog are divided by topics, and internal topics can be sorted by query index or by date of addition, alphabetically or by a different parameter. This is one of the oldest internet services.Search directories are similar to the public library theme catalogs. On the initial page of the search directory, select the subject that interests us, then within the topic select the category, subcategory, etc., until we get a specific list of Internet resources recommended for viewing.The catalog has a thematic division into subdirectories, which in turn can be divided into smaller subdirectories. Because registration is made by a person, not by a program, searching by directories gives more accurate results than search engines.Site categorization is based on the content of the entire site, not individual pages or keywords. Depending on how the catalog works, a site can be assigned to one or more categories or subcategories.To register in the catalog, please send a request to indicate the section in which you want to place your website, send a short description of the page and a list of keywords to search your site in the directory. After some time, your application will be reviewed.